More Microsoft Office Tips

Quickly selecting words, paragraphs and sentences

Selecting text in Microsoft word is easier than ever. If you would like to select a word within a paragraph, double click on that word. If you would like to select the whole paragraph, triple click in that paragraph. If you would like to select the whole sentence, click anywhere in the sentence while holding the Ctrl key. To select the text starting at your cursor to the end of the paragraph, press Ctrl + Shift + Arrow down.

Additionally deleting words is easier than ever. If you hold the Ctrl key and select the backspace key deletes the preceding word.

Quickly increasing font size text

You can quickly increase the font size by selecting the text and Ctrl + Shift + > to increase the text size and Ctrl + Shift + to decrease the font size.

Navigating through your document

Navigating through your document is can be quite frustrating when you need to quickly move through your document. If you would like to navigate from one word to another, simply select Ctrl + right or left arrow to navigate from word to word within a paragraph. If you would like to move from paragraph to paragraph, simply use the Ctrl + arrow up to navigate to the previous paragraph and Ctrl + arrow down to navigate to the next paragraph.

Where did I leave off at?

Microsoft Word records the location of where your last cursor was placed in your document when you last saved your document. Select Shift + F5 to automatically move your cursor to the location where it was when you last saved the document.

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