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Microsoft Word Tips

Working with Microsoft Word can be quite intimidating, cause headaches and frustration if you are unfamiliar with its workings, however, there are tons of tips and shortcuts one could learn to master in a matter of minutes. Below are a few tips and tricks that will elevate your mastery level so that you can increase your efficiency and productivity.

Tip #1: Use a Word Template

Using a template will enable you to quickly create documents without having to think about formatting. These are predesigned templates with the document properties, font and formatting of styles set and are also great if you want to make sure that the look and feel aligns with organization’s marketing and formatting standards. The only requirement is for the user to insert their desired text into the document. Out of the box, Word has many several pre-set word templates available but if you don’t see one that fits your needs, they easily be created.

Tip #2: Properly Style Your Document

Styling your document adds a professional touch to any document. By using styles, your documents will look much more polished and it will allow you to consistently style paragraphs within your document. Word Styles can be used by activating the Styles Dialog Box Launcher located in the toolbar above the area of text. Simply move your cursor over the type of style you would like to implement. While moving your cursor over the selection of styles, you will notice that your selected text changes to reflect the selected style. When you have found a style that suits your purpose, click on it and your text will change to the attribute of your choosing.

Tip #3: Customizing Your Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)

Customizing your Quick Access Toolbar is yet another way Microsoft Office increase your productivity. To do so, locate the “ribbon” and click the desired tab or group to see the commands that you would like added to your QAT. Right­click the desired command and then click Add to QAT on the shortcut menu. After this action, your QAT should immediately reflect these changes.

These are indispensable tools that can be used to further expand your successful use of Microsoft Office.

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